Partners of Proteios Technology

Larta Institute

LartaLarta Institute is a non-profit organization founded in 1993 to empower innovators to bring cutting edge ideas to market. Their long-standing mission is to energize the development of technologies that promote a sustainable planet, and enable innovators to bring solutions into use that feed, fuel, and heal the world. Through Boot Camp and TABA funding from NSF, Larta has been instrumental in formalizing Proteios’ business strategy and SBIR commercialization plans.

Proteios is seeking strategic partnerships

We want to bring the benefits of our scalable platform to patients around the world, and are seeking like-minded partners who face the challenges associated with transformational development of advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMPs). Partnerships can be focused on scaling our platform for manufacturing.

We are able to partner in a number of different ways – partnerships by disease areas, collaboration roles, degree of financial risk-sharing, and/or commercial territories. We invite you to connect with us at to discuss potential opportunities.

Partnering opportunities include:

  • Scale-up for industrial-scale biopharmaceutical purification
  • Method development for new cell subpopulation separations
  • Scale-up for industrial-scale antibody purification
  • Method development for virus subpopulation separation
  • Method development for purification of challenging recombinant proteins
  • Protein expression and purification (research-scale and preparative-scale)
  • Biocatalyst expression and purification
  • Selective identification/purification of antibodies

Inquire about exploring an R&D Partnership with Proteios